What is Watch Me Create?

Welcome to the team blog of Watch Me Create. We are a diverse group of bead artists that have taken up the challenge to document our process for you as we create new designs and styles.

It is so easy to stay with the same tried and true designs and equally as easy to fall into a rut. This blog was born out of the idea of challenging ourselves to step out of our comfort zones artistically and to try new things in the hopes of coming out the other side with a new design or style that we can really be excited about.

The more I brainstormed a project like this I realized how beneficial it could be, not only for ourselves as bead makers, but for other artists and beadmakers as well. It is my hope that by watching our progress and reading about the process that you, too, would be inspired to push yourselves just a little bit to break through barriers you might have in your creativity.

The creative process is different for everyone. Here you can follow how it works for a handful of very creative people. Watch their successes and their failures. Read about what goes on inside their heads.

Over time I expect contributors to come and go so it will always be fresh. If you would be interested in joining this project, please drop me an email.

Don’t forget to bookmark us!


5 Responses to “What is Watch Me Create?”

  1. Watch Me Create hits the internet... « Lori Greenberg Says:

    […] Me Create is a team blog, currently of 8 people…oh heck, just go here to see what it is all about and don’t forget to read Karolen Deupree’s introduction that kicks […]

  2. pat moses-caudel Says:

    just found the site and love it. will be checking back often. I don’t make normal or traditional beads using glass, i crochet with silver, so when i do make beads, they are kinda different.

    but i have been using more and more glass in my work, so i wanna watch what you guys do

  3. Sydney Pinkerton Says:

    I’m going to add this site to my “favorites” and check it regularly. I think it will be inspirationanl and fun. Good luck, I think it’s a great idea.

  4. Julz Says:

    Good stuff Lori!
    I will indeed check this out frequently. I like the format, and I love the content. Like a breath of fresh air!

    Lori has done it again-

  5. lori g. Says:

    Thanks everyone!

    I hope you’re enjoying it!

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