Introduction: Karolen Deupree

wmc070601a11.jpgHi! My name is Karolen. I’ve been lampworking for about ten years. You can see a really silly picture of me here in my garage studio with my giant AUR92 “Gloria Steinem” glasses on.

I’m a full-time beadmaker, and I’m blessed to live in the beautiful red rock country of Sedona, Arizona with my partner Steve (who is also a lampwork beadmaker and a massage therapist) and our three kids. Steve made the nifty glass rack you see behind me in the photo.

My lampworking journey started in an interesting way. I used to fabricate jewelry with silver and gemstones and would often see lampwork beads pictured in Lapidary Journal. I always thought the beads were beautiful, but I had never considered making them myself.

Then one night I dreamed I was making lampwork beads. These dreams continued all night for four nights. After that I thought I should probably give beadmaking a try. In fact, I was already obsessed with the idea! I searched for a lampworking class in my area, but there wasn’t a class for six months. While I waited I poured over every book and website I could find that related to lampworking. By the time the class came around, I already knew that lampworking was what I wanted to do. I took two classes that year at Snow Farm in Massachusetts, and since then I’ve been self-taught.

Many of the beads I make are floral or organic and inspired by landscapes and the natural world. My style is varied, though I generally use earth-toned colors and strive for good shapes and pleasing designs. I like to use unique glasses such as the silvered glasses by Double Helix, the line of ASK 104 glasses which have a very natural look to them, and also glass by Creation is Messy and odd-lot and unique glasses by Vetrofond and Effetre. I often use silver foil, silver wire, and gold leaf in my designs, and I’ll sometimes etch my beads because I love the soft matte look and feel it gives them.

I maintain my own blog called The Bead Blog and I’m starting up a website at I also have a bead shop at

Thanks for checking out my beads. Enjoy!

4 Responses to “Introduction: Karolen Deupree”

  1. Carol Deupree Says:

    Hi Karolen,

    I absolutely love your web site! It looks so professional and I followed all the links around – easy to navigate. You’ve been busy!


  2. beadabundant Says:

    Thanks, Carol!

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