Introduction: Nancy Sells Puffer

Hi there! I’m new to blogging so please be gentle as I venture into this new world. Here I go… My name is Nancy Sells Puffer and I am a jewelry designer/glass beadmaker or is that glass beadmaker/jewelry designer? I always have a tough time deciding which should get top billing since they are so intricately entwined when I am creating.

Nancy Puffer Lampwork Silver Necklace

This journey of mine began about six years ago when I realized that I could make my own beaded jewelry. I was hooked after making a memory wire bracelet. Who knew that you could make little pieces of art from some beads and a piece of Slinky?! I was soon teaching myself how to make earrings, necklaces and anything else I could think of to put beads on. Shortly after that I was introduced to lampwork beads being sold on eBay. I loved how unique and different they were and had to have them. One thing led to another and I soon found myself signing up for a beginning lampwork class at a local bead store. Being able to make beads to include in my jewelry was (and is) wonderful.Metamorphosis Beads I began making beads on a HotHead torch set up in my garage and continued to use a HH for several years. My beads were tiny and simple. They began to grow after taking a couple of classes with Tom and Sage Holland and receiving my Minor as a Christmas gift from my way too generous buddy and beadmaking co-hort, Paula.



I’ve accomplished two of my “big”goals in the past year. Last October, Bead & Button magazine published a necklace of mine as their Chic and Easy project. And another necklace was juried into the ISGB’s Metamorphosis Exhibit on display at the Heinz History Center in Pittsburgh, PA until July and then the Evoke Gallery in St. Paul, MN through September.

wmc070601a3.jpgThis blogging opportunity comes at a good point in my life. I feel like I’m ready to move into the next phase of my career. I’m not exactly sure what that looks like yet but you’ll be following my journey through Watch Me Create. I tend to be a procrastinator by nature so keeping up my end of this blog should help me stay on track. Since I’m torn between two passions I hope to show you not only the birth of a new style of bead for me but how I incorporate those beads into my jewelry.

I’m excited (and more than a little humbled) to be a part of this wonderful group of beadmaker’s! I can’t wait to see what happens…..


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