Introduction: Lori Greenberg

Hi everybody.

You’ve probably already read the post welcoming you to the Watch Me Create team blog so you know what we’re all about. These first few posts will tell you who we are, and every time we add a new contributor they’ll let you know a little bit about themselves. So, it’s my turn, here goes…

070526a3.jpgMy name is Lori Greenberg and I am a glass bead maker in Cave Creek, Arizona. Next to making glass beads my other passions are writing, blogging and marketing. In all of those things I love to turn others on to what has worked for me and things that inspire me. I hope others here will dig deep and do the same!

I was originally a polymer clay bead maker but that all changed when I saw a local glass demo. I am still inspired by all of the great polymer work that is being done out there and sometimes miss the squish of clay in my hands. Part of my creative process has been realizing that if I want to be really good at something I need to focus so, I chose glass as my primary medium.

Starting out I made really really small beads. One reason is that I was chicken to explore and waste all of that glass. Over time, and as I have become more confident in my design abilities that has changed and I also now make larger focal beads.

070526a2.jpgMy ‘styles’ reflect the fact that I like to be different. Not so much in my personality (although I’ve always been haunted by that a bit) but in what comes out of my studio. I love looking at other peoples’ work but I want the work that I produce to be unique. That is a hard thing to accomplish and there is debate as to whether anything is ever really new. But I won’t go there.

I want you to be able to see my work, think it’s different from everything else out there, and maybe even recognize it as mine (I don’t mean that in a proprietary way but in a distinguishing way). As I go along I hope to show you how I get there, how designs evolve, what goes on inside my head as I’m working and how it translates into a glass bead. Sound fun? Stick around!

You can see more of my work at or read my Bead Nerd Blog where I share other bead making info, studio, business and blogging tips for artists.


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