Oh Giacometti!

One of the exciting parts of Lori‘s challenge, is that I came up with this the same day I read about the challenge at JC‘s blog. So, I am excited to go ahead and give it a go! Enjoy….

“Oh Giacometti!” beads!

I started out making beads that looked like logs. I was inspired by the bark on the trees we cut down in our yard. I was not satisfied with how the “bark beads” came out. I am still exploring that one.

I kept making the log shape and I decided to draw some contour line drawings of people on them…and then this series was born. When I was done with the first one, I found myself saying, “Oh Giacometti”…So now I say that every time I make one. AND! I JUST LOVE MAKING THEM!

You have to say it “long”…like this…”OOOOOOOHHHHHH Ja-ca-met-eeee! (In a deep drawn out, meditation style…)

The newest series for me and I am absolutely LOVING it! Expressing human expression, movement, feelings…Figurative sculpture is something I do not think I will ever get tired of. The possibilities, to me, are endless. My beads look like Giacometti’s BIG steel people to me. Big, tall, lanky gesture’s walking in a circle. Giacometti was associated with many different art movements.The Surrealists, the primitives, abstract expressionists…he was very talented. It could have been in the back of my head from seeing his work before. Or maybe from playing “hang man” in grade school. Inspiration works in mysterious ways! The best part about these beads to me; they roll around on your chest so your pendant changes to the viewer.



the first 5 “Oh Giacometti” beads

For those of you that have never seen my work before. I have been into figure drawing and sculpting for as long as I can remember. I am excited to be simplifying the human form, I usually try to be more of a perfectionist about it. I am also inspired by Constantine Brancusi, the idea of creating the pure form, or the essence of existence.

I am selling these on my Website and on E bay.


One Response to “Oh Giacometti!”

  1. VLM Visions Says:

    I think your artical is magnificent. Very informitive. I am mostly a self-taught artist if there is such a thing. I say that becaues you talk about getting our inspiration from many different places. WE are all products of our enviroments. That said I am so glad you include the artists name and a little bit about them. I go and look them up and read about them. My enviroment has just grown. THHHAAANNNKKK YOU!
    Vicky Lynn Morley

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