Evolving from a dot bead…

wmc070614a1.jpgThe last you saw me here I was finishing up telling you about my dot bead obsession earlier this year. After making tons of those and not knowing why I was feeling drawn to make them I branched out to more round beads but started incorporating not only lines, but stacked lines that evolved out of the stacked dots. I would start by laying down a band of white glass then covering it with a transparent. (That’s how you get the transparent glass to stand out…put a light colored opaque under it. Obvious, right?) Anyway, the designs got more complicated than the simple dots.

From there I, of course, in my normal fashion, tried different shapes. And that was good. But there was still something about the surface texture that wasn’t right. I use a lot of frit (crushed glass) and enamel for my surface decorations because I don’t like flat color so much. Also, ever trying to be efficient, that is, get more done with less work…wait…is that efficient or lazy? Maybe a little of both. Anyway, I started to think about, how can I get stacked dots and lines without having to apply all those layers? And that will bring me to my next step that I will share in my next post.

Lori Greenberg is a glass bead maker that blogs, a lot, from her studio in Cave Creek, Arizona.


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