Working on Terra

karolen deupree terra beadsI’ve been experimenting more lately with etching beads that have decorations of Terra stringers. I’m still not able to get consistently good color out of the Terra, but with practice I’m starting to figure it out. I’ve found that I need to make my Terra beads at the very end of the beadmaking day, right before I turn the kiln onto its annealing cycle. I keep my kiln at 950, but somehow the Terra doesn’t like to soak a long time in the kiln or it turns out mostly dark brown. That has been my experience anyway.

My goal with these experiments is to understand better how Terra works so that I can get some colorful beads on an etched background. Here are a couple of photos of my latest beads. The pair on the ivory base have big holes, about 5mm.

Thanks for checking out my works-in-progress and enjoy reading all the great posts on this new team blog. Thanks for visiting us and please check back often! 🙂

You can find more of Karolen’s beads in her Etsy shop.

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