Inspiration and Execution

A couple of months ago one of my coworkers ended his lab meeting presentation with this picture of a loon. I saw the geometric patterning of the plumage and that striking red eye and thought “Hmmm… bead inspiration!”.

At about the same time Art Bead Scene announced their April challenge. The challenge theme was “Take Flight”, so it gave me a great excuse to work on my loon bead.

The evolution of my loon bead is a great example of my process. It took me a number of leaps to get where I wanted to go. It wasn’t until I hit the 4th design that I found a design I kind of liked. But I didn’t quite like the eye on bead 4 so I made another, my favorite, but it cracked. Try again.

wmc070620a2.jpg wmc070620a3.jpg wmc070620a4.jpg

I managed to make bead 5 lopsided when I smashed it, so I had to make another, which I used in my necklace. In all honesty, there where other tries along the way. Several attempts where dunked onto the water bath of bead death, and at least one other was wrapped in silver foil and turned into something completely different.

wmc070620a5.jpg wmc070620a6.jpg

After finally making a focal I liked I made some accessory beads, and strung the necklace. The stringing process required a bit of trial and error as well. Of course after I strung the necklace I thought of a something I’d like to change about my focal. I’ll probably have to give it try one day, just to see if it improves my design.

Loon Necklace

I sold beads 1 and 2 on ebay. I called them Loony 1 and Loony 2. I imagine people thought they were “loony” for their crazy patterning, and never made the avian connection. The black on beads 3 and 4 pitted too much, so they sit in my junk bead bowl. Now number 5… it wasn’t what I wanted for this project, but I actually like the shape of number 5. I think it might look cool in an asymmetric necklace of some sort. Which got me thinking… It might be fun to make some purposely asymmetric beads; with a bit of creativity they could make some interesting neckwear. My lopsided loon bead may very well leap frog me to a new bead style. Stay tuned for updates!


3 Responses to “Inspiration and Execution”

  1. jcherrell Says:

    BEAUTIFUL beads!!!!!!!! All of them, but #5 is stunning. Just stunning. And a great adventure in designing, too.

  2. Nancy Says:

    Wow Linda! That is way too cool!!

  3. Watch Me Create » Evolution, birds to fish Says:

    […] to subscribe to the RSS feed or have it sent to you by email!. Don't miss a thing!Did you catch the post where I first showed this […]

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