Efficiency is my best teacher…

I promised to come back and tell you what came after stacked dots, and it had to do with being efficient. I will be honest and tell you again…many times for me, the motivating factor in a design is how to get the biggest bang for the smallest amount of work. One would think that that might have been something I was taught in art school or through the process of doing production work.

compartment beads lori greenbergBelieve it or not, I learned efficiency from being a legal secretary whose main job was word processing. Yep. In training were were taught to use macros (two key strokes that were programmed do to lots of formatting steps automatically) because, every single key stroke you saved was time saved. That has always stuck with me and I use that principle in everything from the hand motions I use when I am working to the way that my work space is set up. Optimum efficiency. See? All of our experiences in life end up being purposeful, no matter what we do.

Anyway, whew. That was a digression. I came to the conclusion that if I could layer color onto my rods before applying them, and apply them just right, I could get more depth like with the stacked dots. I knew it wouldn’t look the same but that was the concept I aimed for. So I started making custom-pulled, multi-colored stringers (those thin strings of glass used to make dots and other decorations).

wmc070621a2.jpgAt the same time I was exploring ‘compartments’. How we compartmentalize things in our lives and trying to translate that into my work. Having a background in art therapy, I like to explore things like that. The bead above was made using those stringers and the black lines represent how we keep certain things, relationships, work, etc. separate from each other in our lives. As they say, great idea, poor execution. If that wasn’t bad enough, I even etched a couple like the one on the left. Yikes.

Are you seeing a pattern here? Like with Linda’s Loons yesterday, lots of tries to get where we’re going. But it doesn’t end there. Next I thought, ‘Ok, that didn’t work, let’s try melting these funky dots flat!’ Urgh. That is when I realized they were looking like fish eggs. Help! Where are those voices in my head when I need them?

I showed these on my blog and JC said she liked the direction. I was ready to scrap the whole thing. Honest. But she said she liked something about them, and while I don’t fully believe her, there was enough trust to know that she doesn’t just say things like that, I don’t think, for me to keep it churnin’.

After this, I started to hit on things that excited me. That is when the real magic starts to happen. I’ll pick up there next time.

Lori Greenberg is a glass bead artist that blogs from her studio in Cave Creek, Arizona.


One Response to “Efficiency is my best teacher…”

  1. jcherrell Says:

    Well how about that… I’m glad I told you like those beads (cuz I think I know what comes next)! I consider myself a pretty stiff critic, actually. I have to feel pretty strongly about something to provoke an action like typing out a comment or sending an email! Thank you for trusting me…

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