Shadowing: Glass Inspired By Gemstones


A new style bead for me, inspired by some Jasper I saw at The Bead & Button Show. The stones I saw were light gray, dark gray and amethyst. They grays seemed to “shadow” or outline the amethyst color. So, I thought it would be interesting to layer colors in that same way to give my plaid style beads more depth. I am thrilled with the results!!

Kerry Bogert is blogging about her glass art beads and jewelry from her home studio in Ontario NY. Check her work at


2 Responses to “Shadowing: Glass Inspired By Gemstones”

  1. tracybeads Says:

    Wow! That’s an awesome idea Kerry! When I first saw these beads I thought those were shadows… didn’t realize it was another glass color until you just explained.

  2. Kerry Says:

    Thanks so much Tracy! Yep, three shades of glass. I was very meticulous about having all the lines lay just right so it would look like a shadow.

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