cathy lybarger partsO.K. I’m here now and I’m doing something. My left-over bead stash from Bead and Button is affording me some time to work on something silly–one of these creature type things. Unlike the others, this one will not have a detatchable head. It will simply be a creature unto itself similar to this bird, I hope. I have no idea what the creature will look like, only that it will have two eyes, a mouth, a body of some kind, a certain number of feet and little brain slugs attatched to it’s head area. Like the others this one will be constructed out of beads, wire and lead solder.The best way to go about constructing something like this, especially if you don’t know what you’re trying to achieve is simply to make lots and lots of potential body parts and strat trying to fit them together. Don’t get married to any particular part–I love the mouth I made but I dont know how it’s going to fit with the other parts. If it does not fit it may have to be forsaken for a long, tubular mouth with a tongue hanging out of it. The goal here is to have a creature that stands up and has as little wire as possible showing.

So yesterday was part day #1. Here’s a larger view of what I made. 2 eyes, 2 feet, 3 brain slugs, 3 spacers, 1 mouth, 1 body and one collar bead. Right now I think the “head” will be eyes on stalks and the body will look like a slug or a snail except with feet. Probably not those feet, though. Bird feet are good because they provide a lot of balance but I’m not liking them for the slug.

Anyway, I’ll fit together what I can and then make a bunch more parts today. I think I’m leaning toward tongue pink and turquoise for the main colors. Hopefully I’ll be able to explain it’s eventual construction. Hopefully this will work.




5 Responses to “Parts!”

  1. kabsconcepts Says:

    Cathy your creatures are insanely amazing!! I love their character and detail. Where did the idea for the first creature come from?

  2. jean Says:

    AWESOME!!! and good explanation!

  3. cathylybarger Says:

    I’ve been making creatures out of whatever materials I can get my hands on since I was a child. I started making metal and fused dichroic glass bug sculptures about ten years ago. With the exception of house centipedes I enjoy looking at real bugs and can study them for a very long time without getting bored. Once I started making beads I substituted them for the dichroic cabs in the bug sculptures. So insects of various kinds are a main source of inspiration. The first creature beadstands that I made were fairly bug-like with segmented bodies and such.

  4. lori g. Says:

    I love your parts. I did some parts a while back with the idea of putting them all together at a totem but there they sit, just staring at me. I think they’re going to stay that way a long time. I love all of your creatureations! And I get to look at lots of them because I got your mirror last year!!!

  5. cathylybarger Says:

    If something about the parts I make doesn’t grab me right away I have a hard time using them too. Fortunately my reality is fairly creature-oriented and I’m easily amused by eyeballs and what not. I have a hard time NOT imagining a creature around a single eyeball or foot bead. Were it not for the internets turning this “skill” I have into something marketable I think I’d be locked up somewhere.

    I am pleased to hear that your mirror is holding up! That’s a nice piece.

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