I love catalogs!

Can I just say that catalogs are the best? Most bulk mail goes right into the recycle pile, but when I see a new catalog…ohhhh! I think this may all stem back to my childhood when I couldn’t wait for the new Sears and/or Penney’s Christmas catalogs to come.

These days there’s a different reason for me to page through them. I have found that they are a wonderful source for new color combinations and designs. I thought I’d give you links to a couple of my favorites, who knows, maybe they’ll inspire you too!

I always like to check out Chico’s , JJill, and Soft Surroundings. But I think my all time favorite is Boston Proper. Up until about a year ago I didn’t know it existed, but now I can’t wait to get a new one. There’s a skirt in the latest sale catalog that has my wheels turning! I’m not usually a big fan of greens… but maybe I’ll have to change my mind. 😉

So… I went out to my studio to start working with greens. The bead at the beginning of my post was my first attempt at capturing what’s floating around in my head. Not bad, but not perfect. It’s definitely better than the next two but I’ll show you those later… 😉 For now, it’s back out to the torch with me. The ISGB’s Gathering is only a month away and I definitely want to be wearing a new jewelry ensemble in these colors by then!

In the meantime, don’t be too quick to toss away those catalogs my friends… You just might be missing out on a wonderful new idea!!

Visit Nancy’s website or click on over to her new blog!


2 Responses to “I love catalogs!”

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