Color Challenge for the Color Challenged

My bead style tends to gravitate towards the darker colors, earth-tones and organics. I also dress in this same color scheme, so when I think of fashion and jewelry design I think of these colors. For some reason, I just don’t “think” in red, orange and yellow.

When I look at my glass rack and combine colors for the next design, I never give more than a glance to my reds and yellows. I’ve realized that it’s been over a year since I’ve even touched a red, orange or yellow rod! So my challenge to myself has been to make a set of beads or some focals using really bright colors at the lower end of the spectrum, setting aside my beloved purple and black for the moment.
Here are a couple of photos of my experiments. I like how they’ve come out, I like the brightness of the colors, and it was also a lot of fun to make them. They are not the most complex of beads, but they look good all strung together and they feel really good in the hand.


3 Responses to “Color Challenge for the Color Challenged”

  1. Linda Says:

    Are we related? I need to take the color challenge too. I think I’m the queen of dark bead sometimes. My daughter says I make “boy beads”!

  2. lori g. Says:

    Ha ha ha. There’s hope for you, Linda. Remember, not so long ago you said you didn’t sell your beads either. Now you’re eBaying and even doing shows!

  3. Watch Me Create » Designing the Elements: Fire and Water Says:

    […] feed or have it sent to you by email!. Don’t miss a thing!This post is a continuation of my “Color Challenge,” and also the beginning of a new design concept. I’ve been looking for a technique […]

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