Resin Papers: Adding new techniques to your own style

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5 Responses to “Resin Papers: Adding new techniques to your own style”

  1. sarebear Says:

    I liked these when I saw them on your blog, and am glad to read more about your process here! I’m intrigued by resins, although I’d be resining patterned papers, both pre-made and ones I’d make myself. And other things!!!

    PMC also intriques me; I have SO many rubber stamps, especially textures, and ones that’d be good in clay. OH! And I found the most FABULOUS 3 dimensional non-juvenile/non-cutesy silicone dolphin mold made by an artist that would make the perfect dolphin charm; it’s a good size, even after the shrinking of the PMC while “cooking”.

    I’ve thought up some ideas for the syringe of clay, too! One of these years . . . .

    I’m a nut. I want to try lampworking, resin, PMC, and other things! Some would say that’s too many things, and all that I do now is too, but I say, I LOVE variety; it’s what works for me, and I spend long periods of time sometimes in just one or two types of things. It’s all good!

  2. sarebear Says:

    Oh, fused glass; THAT might end up being more me than lampworking, but of course I wouldn’t know till I played.

    I want to try ceramics too, lol. Like I said, I’m a nut. A cashew nut.


  3. Sharon Zachary Says:

    What kind of resin was used on the tissue paper?
    for such a large area did you sponge it on?

  4. Kerry Says:

    the resin is a two part one available at and yes! I sponged it on.

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