Whaddya got?

Ok. So I’ve examined my parts from the last batch and picked out the ones that I think are going to be the most useful for my creature head. (Right now I’m only working on the head and neck because I believe that they will determine what the rest of the creature will look like.) I stuck 2 pieces of 20g. wire up through the neck and mouth beads so I would have 2 pieces of wire coming out the top that I use to create the eyes on stalks. I left the wire long so that there would be room for a brain slug on top. This structure is very tentative. Its only purpose is to hold together the beads so I can gauge their proportion to one another and see which beads I want to keep and which ones I want to remake.

I don’t like the way any of this looks together. The eyes are too big, the slug is too big and the mouth is too small. The black eyes are also the wrong color. Bummer. I also really do not care for the eye stalks being made out of wire and the fact that both of them come from the same bead hole. I don’t like the red lips either. That’s surprising because the mouth was my favorite part a few days ago. While it’s a drag that I have to redo the whole thing the good news is that I found out what I do not want my head to look like. (That’s basially the same as finding out what you do want it to look like.) I’m on the right track anyway.

Now I know that if the creature is going to be tongue pink and turquoise, a tentative selection from the prior step, all of the parts need to follow suit. The eyes need to be much smaller and the mouth needs to be much larger–probably with an upper and lower mandible that are separate from one another. So I need to make several different eyes and a two-part mouth next.

In order for me to avoid the wire eyestalks I’m already thinking the upper part of the head bead is going to have to have the eye beads joined to it. Ive never joined soft glass beads together after they’ve been taken off the mandrel…not on purpose anyway. So that will be new to me. The nice thing about these bead sculptures is that I want to see what they will look like so badly that I’m willing to try new things (that may be difficult or a pain in the ass) in order to make that happen. Incentive is good.


4 Responses to “Whaddya got?”

  1. angelinabeadalina Says:

    Cathy, This is so interesting to me, hearing how you think through your idea and try it out! I can’t wait to see how the creature looks when you are done.

  2. jean Says:

    This is incredibly fascinating to read. I have never read such a succinct and cleanly VISIBLE, excellently presented thought process about what a person was imagining as he or she figured out what was going on, right then, and what would happen next because of it. Thank you. That was really cool.


  3. cathylybarger Says:

    Thanks you guys! It’s fun to document stuff. I used to do that in a notebook when I was first starting out but haven’t for a really long time. What happens next is quite interesting, I think, because I end up with a piece that reminds me a lot of someone else’s work. Since my process is written down I know I wasn’t trying to copy that person. Sometimes stuff ends up looking like other stuff. That just how it is.

  4. jean Says:

    whose? whose ????? I can’t wait!

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