Implosion Inspiration begins

It all started with an Article I read in GlassLine Magazine by Brad Brandolino (aka Anakin). The “Matrix marble”. I was so inspired to give it a try. I ordered one boro color to play with and I have a bunch of clear. I also went to Etsy and bought one of Brad’s marbles. As soon as I got the glass I was at my torch pulling stringers of color and stringers of clear to try his technique.


You can see that this takes practice. Brads marble in the magazine looks almost exactly like the one I purchased (picture attached). I almost think it is the same one? I made 10 or 20 with mixed results.

I finally got one marble to implode with an outline of a square in the center. You can see my marble is less than half the size of his.His is 1-1/4″ round;mine is around 1/2″, and is not as perfect and pretty.

I was so excited when I saw the outline of the beginning of the square. And! My glass came out looking the same color as his, that was an accident that really made me happy.


I still have to work on perfecting this technique. I did incorporate this technique into my soft glass, that led to a beautiful color relationship and, that led to a beautiful paper weight!

That is for the next blog; you will have to check back.


2 Responses to “Implosion Inspiration begins”

  1. angelinabeadalina Says:

    You are always learning new skills and using them to expand your style. This is another terrific lesson in trying new things, and I can’t wait to read about the paperweight!

  2. Sheila Morley Says:

    Thank you Angilina! I am a little bit skeptical about showing my messed up attempts at other peoples art…I am really excited about how this technique evolved for me. AND! It is still evolving. After the paper weight comes the Lily petals and that evolves too… The desire to create goes on and on…:)

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