Incorporating nature…

lake superior upper penninsulaWe just got back from a quick trip to the U.P. (upper penninsula) of Michigan. It was the first time I’ve been anywhere left of the bridge. I’ve only lived here most of my 50 years but I digress….

We spent one night at my cousin’s wonderful home which sits on the shores of Lake Superior. How fun is that?! The beach was full of smooth, thin stones which caught my attention. They’re perfect for skipping but I began to think of a different use for them…..

I love incorporating nature into my jewelry. I can’t walk a beach without looking down to see what treasures I might find. Some of my favorite shells have found their way into my necklaces and bracelets.

upper penninsula inspiration

This year I even discovered a way to use broken pieces of shells for pendants. Making beads to use with them has given me the opportunity to push the glass in ways I might not have otherwise pushed. Faux stones and beach glass are fun ways for me to play outside my normal boundaries.

So now I have these stones….. The ideas on how I’m going to incorporate them into jewelry are tickling my brain. I’m not used to working with such muted colors. But I’m not going to grow without stretching outside my comfort zones. So it’s out to the torch I go… time to do a little pushing! 😉

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