Looking at your work in a different light!

basket hanging bead necklace displayI recently had my first show; a “Garden Party” at a local boutique style garden shop. Doing a show presented a new set of creative challenges. I would actually need a way to display my jewelry. Since I don’t have any other shows planned, I wanted something attactive yet inexpensive. A stick from my yard, some wire, scrap styrofoam, a dollar store tin and pebbles and I had a nice garden-like necklace display. Now I just needed something to hang from it.

Raiding my bead boxes turned up some interesting encased beads and some spacers. Adding some silver bead caps, Swarovski crystals and wire created these pendants. I decided I wanted to string them, but they told me they didn’t want to be overshadowed by an elaborate design. I don’t know about the rest of you, but my beads sometimes talk to me! So I strung them on simple necklaces of sparkly seed beads. Seed beads that I bought a long time ago, that were in my box just waiting for the right occasion to scream “string me”! (They really do talk to me, it’s amazing how loud a seed bead can be when it wants to be let out in the world!) I was really pleased with how they came out. Simple, yet elegant, sparkly but not too glitzy. To be honest they remind me of fancy old fashioned plumb bobs; so I’ve been calling them princess plumb bobs! (Does anyone have a more elegant name?)

hanging necklace display close up

lampwork wire wrapped pendant

Doing an outdoor show presented yet another opportunity… seeing my work in a different light! It was amazing how nice my princess plumb bobs looked in the sunshine. The natural light really added sparkle and brilliance that I can’t seem to capture when I take pictures in my photo booth! Now I think instead of making princess plumb bob necklaces, I may have to make start making window hangings!

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