Combining Styles to Create a New Look

I am currently going nuts to prepare for my first art show of the summer. I am a terrible procrastinator and rather then prepping through the quiet Rochester winter, I always leave the prep until the couple of weeks leading up to a show.

It is very important to me to “evolve” as an artist. There is nothing I hate more than going to a summer festival, walking in and out of booths, and seeing the same exact things I saw the year before. I hope that when someone enters my booth, the think “hey, I remember you… look at all this new stuff you have!” And the same thing goes from show to show within a season. I rarely have the same things move with me from show to show. In many cases, if it doesn’t sell (especially bracelets), I will rework them into new and totally different designs.

Sometimes keeping things fresh is hard! Ideas don’t just fall out of the sky, you have to work at them, develop them, and push them to evolve. During my prep the past few weeks, I stumbled upon a totally new style by combining two of my oldish styles. One style was an old one, from last season… one was a more recent one that I created a couple of months ago.

The old style was, at the time, a simple solution to a bracelet that didn’t quite work. It was too long, it didn’t lay right… but I didn’t want to take it apart and waist all the wire.


My more recent style was developed for a book on “wire style”. I wanted to find a way to show off my lampwork discs and I figured the best way to do that was by having them lay flat.


I had a sort of “AH HA” moment the other day at the torch. I thought… “what if I put that and that together?” The first “that” was the seedbead stringer at the back of the neck in the old style and the second “that” was the wrapped flat discs. I was thrilled with the results!


The new style ROCKS because A: it uses less beads so, in this frantic preshow prep time, I am able to make more of them and B: many people who have high neck muscles can’t wear the full wire design, they won’t lay right for them, this one will. Best of all, I am not sacrificing any of the design. I LOVE IT!!

Kerry Bogert is blogging about her glass art beads and jewelry from her home studio in Ontario NY. Check her work at


2 Responses to “Combining Styles to Create a New Look”

  1. Ellen Says:

    A “what if” followed by an “aha” is always good. I’ll bet you have those moments a lot. I’ve really enjoyed watching you evolve.

  2. katstyleology Says:

    Design lies dormant in our recesses until we ask for it again. At some point we store what doesn’t work or “feel good” and it waits to be brought back. I believe its is just old energy. When you have a new intent in the present moment, it adds new electrical spark and it allows us to see mixtures of the past and present. The important thing I know about design is your intention, at that moment, is what fuels creativity and fuses it in a new way. (no pun intended) Working at the past ideas only bring past results. Good for you to have that Ah Ha moment. Like nature, acting on present moment choices is the only time we evolve.

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