Implosion inspired paper weight

shelia morley glass implosion pendantAfter practicing Brad’s “Matrix marble” technique many times, I decided to apply that to soft glass. I created some nice implosions that really pop!

That one, over there was my favorite color relationship. The red and yellow really “pop” over the Kronos 2. The Kronos 2 was reduced [held in a propane-rich flame to bring metals to the surface], and has that beautiful blue with milky swirls in it.

These pendants are fun to make and they are so beautiful. Now that I have the technique down, I want to make some that are crystal clear with peeled glass [removing impurities from the surface of rods before applying]. Peeling adds a little bit of time to the project, but it is well worth the effort. You will not be seeing any “scum” (bubbles, rocks, sand) in there. The implosions come out so clear!

sheila morley glass implosion paperweightThis paper weight is a good example of “crystal clear” glass. The colors were inspired by that implosion I just showed you. I made the “set up” first; (the flowers…I did get my instructor; Loren Stump, to make me the flower ;)…) I made the cane for the flowers, the bud, petals, welded them all together. I then made frit with reduced Kronos 2, for the back ground.

I pulled the Schott crystal glass out of the kiln, peeled it clean, incorporated that with the set up. I had the instructor give it a perfect shape. Voilà!

I was so excited that some of the kronos stayed reduced. We thought it would all oxidize from the Schott crystal. The reduced colors do come out different with the Schott. The Schott magnifies everything and changes the color slightly. What a wonderful glass.

This was a full circle inspirational project. Just goes to show, the more you learn, the more inspired you become, the better your work gets.


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