Evolution, birds to fish

linda morrison glass lampwork loon beadDid you catch the post where I first showed this bead?

Even though it was an unintentionally miss-shapened bead, I really liked the shape, so I decided I’d have to use that shape in the future. It is always fun to see how one creation, whether it be intentional or a happy accident, leads to new thing.

In this case my mishapened loon bead led me to fish. I haven’t had a desire to to try to make realistic fish, so these are my made up fantasy fish.

I think I’m going to call them Hoochy-Coochy fish. Why, you ask? I was recently blog tagged and one of the questions asked was to name 5 songs that I knew all the words to. I decided to be silly and list a bunch of scout camp songs from when I was kid. Making fish beads also made me think if old camp songs. This little ditty in particular:

Did you ever see a fishy on a hot summer day?
Did you see fishy just a swimming in the bay?
With his hands in his pockets and his pockets in his pants.
Did you ever see a fishy do the hoochy-choochy dance?
You never did.
You never will.

Silly huh?

glass fish beads bolimasa


2 Responses to “Evolution, birds to fish”

  1. rose h. Says:

    Linda, I love your fish. I’ve not seen any fish from you ever before! Actually, truth be told, I love the “misshapen” loon bead too.

  2. Watch Me Create » Explore New Depths Says:

    […] want to subscribe to the RSS feed or have it sent to you by email!. Don't miss a thing!I took my Hoochy-Coochy Fish for a swim in the Mermaids Grotto! Art Bead Scene, a team blog devoted to artist made beads, has […]

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