More design by efficiency…

elusive glass bead lori greenbergThe last post showed how much fun I was having with those layered canes and covering everything and its brother with dots from them. From there I went off into plunged dot land. Another very common technique that I’ve always enjoyed seeing but never really took on myself. Well, I went a bit nuts and started making clusters of them.

It was another exercise in efficiency. Am I sensing a theme here? My thinking was: If I cover the surface with big, bold, plunged dots, the less time I would spend covering what remained with the little dots. I wanted to point something out too…see how I made green cane to put dots between the green dots? I could have put the purple but I thought it would make more of an impact to have the whole band coordinating green.

Those are the kinds of things that one might not realize when just looking at the bead. It’s an extra process to pull the stringer for those green dots but I believe the extra effort pays of in value and punch.

elusive spacer beadsIf you didn’t notice though (I did), I was still thinking inside the box…how to cover more surface area with broad elements so as to spend less time covering the rest of it with smaller elements. Then it hit me. Why not just leave some of the surface area exposed? You mean, I could do that? Yeah. That’s it. Not every single little spot has to have something on it. So, that led me to the little experiment of the spacer beads but that didn’t really strike me so I didn’t go too far with that.

wine english garden glass bead lori greenbergWhat did work for me was starting to apply the dots as if painting with them. Like the neo-impressionists. Seurat and pointilism. I love that word. I learned it in a high school art class and it keeps popping up in my work. That is when my ‘cascading’ beads emerged and are now named “English Garden.”

Whew. What a ride. I think I’m done with this style and it is going to be my ‘line’ for the fall show season. I will make a lot more in production mode, with different color variations and they’ll start to look more refined. But I’m already onto something new and not sure if I’m just playing or developing something out of it. I’ll keep you in the loop with my next post though.

Lori Greenberg makes beads and blogs, a lot, from her studio in Cave Creek, AZ.

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