Big Hole Inspiration

One of the hot button issues in the bead world is the the subject of copying, apparently there is a fine gray line that divides the world of being inspired by another beadmakers work, and copying a another beadmaker’s work.

My purpose here is not to discuss ad nauseam what is copying and what isn’t. Suffice it to say that I’ve never been interested in copying other people styles, but I’m certainly inspired by other people beads. I don’t really have any other beadmakers in my “real” life, so for me it’s an exciting moment when I can see other peoples beads in person. It’s always very inspirational to see other’s work.


One beadmaker I have had the honor of meeting in real life is Rosemarie Hanus. Our bead pictures are next to each other in the first Bead Review book. One day after the book came out Rose sent me friendly “howdy neighbor” email, and we have been chatting on line ever since. It turns out that Rose’s day job occasionally brings her to work here in Salt Lake City, so last fall, and a few times since, we have met in real life. Rose has gifted me with several of her wonderful beads, and like many lampwork beads are they are even more spectacular in real life than in pictures. For one, they are big, two, she has the most incredible knack for using twisties, and three she actually encases them so they have wonderful depth!

I had a couple of big hole mandrels that I had bought to try my hand at small blown vessels, so why not try my hand at big hole beads. Like I said before, I’m not interested in copying Rose’s work, so I needed to add my own twist to the big hole business so I played around with the things from my beadmaking repertoire that I always find enticing. Metals, reactive glass, and exploring the movement of molten glass, along with some Rose inspired twisties! Here are a few of my favorite results.

linda morrison glass lampwork large hole bead

linda m

Linda beads and blogs from her home in Salt Lake City, Utah!

4 Responses to “Big Hole Inspiration”

  1. Angie Garren Says:

    Linda, I really like the shape of those. I love when people talk about their inspirations, and I love to see how they put their own twist on those “inspired by” creations. Great bead styles from both of you!

  2. Ellen Says:

    Nice goin’, chica, I love those big holes. BTW, I didn’t get nauseous reading your description of copying vs inspired beads. hehehe

  3. rose h. Says:

    Glad to help!
    Your beads are gorgeous, and look nothing like mine. I’m actually honored to be credited as an inspiration.

  4. Nancy Says:

    Great beads Linda!!! I love your spin on them…

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