Hi from the Gathering…

Hey all! I’m here at the Gathering (the ISGB’s anual glass bead maker convention) and talk about Watch Me Create! Tonight is our opening meeting and tomorrow starts a full day of watching people create!

I will be sitting with at least 500 of my best beadmaking friends (Sheila, Nancy and JC are here somewhere) and watching demos on a big screen that were recorded earlier this week. While that might not sound as exciting as I know it is, the artist orates while the video is playing. I cannot tell you how inspiring, motivating and educational a whole day listening to world class artists talking about their technique is. If you get something from reading Watch Me Create? You should experience it in real time someday.

So, here’s my plug for the ISGB today…if you are sorry that you are missing the Gathering this year, start planning now for next year because if you are a glass bead maker, you should not be missing this. Earlier today we attended a seminar on how to get your work seen put on by Gwynne Rukenbrod, the executive director and former museum curator and something-such-and-other. We learned what galleries want, how to approach them and how to get it together for them.

Wait…I think I’m starting to write for this blog like I’m supposed to be writing for my Bead Nerd Blog. Sorry about that. I don’t have access to my images because I’m here on a lap top and just wanted to keep you updated as to what was going on and where a few of us WMCers are this weekend.

Back tomorrow with your regularly scheduled programming. Have a good weekend!


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