Working Through A Funk

I like the word ‘funk’. It is a great word when you add a ‘y’ to the end and make it ‘funky’. I don’t like it when it is the only word I can find to describe my mood. And unfortunately, the past few weeks, that is where I have been. In the grips of a boring, uninspired, miserable, funk. I haven’t wanted to make a thing! But, thankfully, these moody times never last long.


Now, I say they don’t last long, but this most recent one has hung on longer then I would like to let it. So I decided to make a very conscious effort to get rid of it. And to do that, I decided to work on ‘other’ creative things. Not allowing myself to even think about beads or jewelry for a week.


I few months ago, I did a painted chair project with my aunt. With her help, I painted the two director’s chairs I use at shows into bright and colorfull works of art. It was a fun way to spruce up my booth and throw in some color. I decided it was time to do the same to my studio. I have a very plain wood table that I use to teach students when they come to my home studio for private wire working classes. And I thought it would be great to paint it to match my chairs.


I started by sanding and priming the the table top. I knew I wanted to have Alice in Wonderland style checker board edge. There is a trick to painting checker boards. Paint the entire area white, then draw out the grid, finish by coloring the black squares. You’ll go nuts trying to fill each square white and black individually. For the main area, I had a vision of a collage of retro wrapping papers. I don’t think there are really retro papers out there that look like these, but you get the idea. All the patterns and designs are totally original… all from inside my head.


By the second day of working on the table, the ‘funk’ was lifting. I started sketching new ideas and ordered new materials. Now if only I can come up with a way to get these patterns off the table and onto beads! hmmm…..

Kerry Bogert is blogging about her glass art beads and jewelry from her home studio in Ontario NY. Check her work at


3 Responses to “Working Through A Funk”

  1. nancysellsglass Says:

    That is SO COOL Kerry!! Can’t wait to see how it ends up in your beads…. 😉

  2. Ellen Says:

    If anyone can transfer those colors and patterns into beads, chica, it would be you. Can’t wait to see what you come up with.
    On the funk issue: we all go through it and you have been on such a creative whirlwind lately, it doesn’t surprise me that you “hit the wall.”
    You’ve got too much going on in that brain of yours to stay in the funk position for long though. Don’t worry.

  3. kabsconcepts Says:

    Thanks for the compliments gals!

    Nancy… I am thinking I might wanna give “painted” beads a try. It might turn out to be a great way to transfer more complex patterns from my head to my beads. Oh great… more stuff and equipment to buy! LOL.

    Ellen… What a wonderful vote of confidence. THANKS! And yep, me… wall… smash… but hopefully that is behind me, for now. At least for a little while anyway.

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