Coffee Mugs

This started with one of my cat beads. One of them had bigger eyes and I thought about naming him Java because he looked kinda wired. Hmmm, some coffee cups would probably be cute as accent beads. My aunt loves cats and with working 3rd shift, she drinks a lotta joe.

So the wheels were turning and I planned on making her a necklace or bracelet with my beads, I say it in the past tense because I didn’t get it finished in time for her birthday last weekend. Naughty Tracy. Hope she likes it even if it’s late.

So I set out to make some coffee cups using mine as model.


They were harder than I thought. I made a core of coffee using dark amber and then built the cup over it. As you see on a few, I didn’t bring the cup part up high enough. I still like’em though.

I was worried about the handles being too fragile so added a swipe of clear first and then placed the colored stringer over it for stability. I saw a twistie from my cat beads in my glass heap, amber and ivory, and tried that as a filling. Perfect! Looked just like mine, full of vanilla creamer and frothy (sugar free vanilla International Delight) Mmmmmm good stuff.


The orange one is made with tangerine sparkle glass (thank you to DeAnne for the gift of glass samples and cool stickers!). It’s a travel mug, the kind with the black top that slides open.

I’ll probably make some more for myself. 😉

Tracy Jerrell Akhtar blogs from her home in Southern Michigan. To see her webpage click on TracyBeads


One Response to “Coffee Mugs”

  1. rose h. Says:

    These are cute. It’s funny how you got from a wired looking cat to coffee mugs.

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