My Muse is inspired by a class…

Hold on! Everything shifts! Inspiration over load. In my last blog I was all about lily murrini and where I was going with that. Now, that is evolving. I will still be making murrini, I will be working on another series as well.

I recently had the opportunity to study cold working borosilicate with Andrew Brown. Andrew is a master at hot and cold working borosilicate glass (Pyrex). Not only did we work on cold working boro, we also concentrated on layering glass, creating implosions, pulling points, blowing glass, stretching glass, encasing opals, polishing my moretti (soft glass) murrini; and the list goes on. Harold Williams Cooney was the teacher assistant; that was a very useful perk. His work is made with borosilicate and much of it is cold worked. He creates many pieces that appear to be found in nature, and he makes glass rings that are beautiful and unique. Hanging out with these two; a fascinating experience that will have a rather large affect on my work.


First of all; I think I am falling in love with borosilicate glass. Although I am excited to try the cold working techniques with the soft glass (which I usually work with), I am also excited to try sculptural forms with borosilicate (pyrex).

Boro implosions inspire me to think about what is inside the glass too; not just what is on the outside. I can see my work borrowing this idea.

Andrew’s fascination with organic forms is inspiring me. He is able to create forms that strongly resemble natures geodes and crystals. His work encourages thoughts of the energies that come from those organic stones. These references open a new vocabulary for my work.

My goal is to combine the implosion organic look, with the figurative relief style I have been practicing (and murrini). The end result is to be a piece that holds so much personal meaning to the owner, that it would provide a feeling of comfort and security in today’s world. It seems the emphasis in the American society is really on making money to survive, and less on, being true to your instincts to celebrate the passions that we have.


I see myself practicing the techniques these two have taught me, and combining them with my figures. I would like to copper plate crystals and energy stones to the pieces. I am obviously borrowing some ideas from these two men. I think that is okay. For a while, my work may resemble some of the work they do; eventually it will evolve into where my muse takes it. In this time; they will get credit for being the inspiration. And if I choose to sell anything that resembles the work they do. My price will not be any lower than what they would ask. I think that is an important note. I actually hope my work inspires people to look more at the work they do.

(An objective note about “borrowing” ideas from others; Since borrowing ideas is a huge part of the post modern movement; I will celebrate that. Freedom to create! Especially since we are now leaving post modern times and creating a new art with GLASS!)

Imagining a big fat crystal above that woman on the geode; Strong piece in my imagination.

Being inspired by the hip people in this world, Yoga, and native American traditions…this is a really exciting beginning to something….

we shall see…

For additional information please see Sheila Morley’s Art blog. Sheila’s art work is currently documented in an on line gallery, and can be purchased at her website

4 Responses to “My Muse is inspired by a class…”

  1. nancysellsglass Says:

    How exciting Sheila!! Have fun and keep us all posted.. 😉

  2. Ellen Says:

    Sheila – I can feel/hear your excitement and will waiting anxiously for the results. I know they’ll be great; just like everything else to turn out.

  3. Denise Bodah Says:

    I used to by rings from Harold Cooney from his eBay store but he seems to have disappeared. Wow, what amazing work he did, a really fantastic artist. I would love to see some of his current work. Does he have a web site anywhere?


  4. Sheila Morley Says:

    You can see his work at his Gallery on Glassartists;
    You could get in touch with him by contacting JC Herrell
    (she was a member here for a while, she wrote some great articles) Contact her through her site;
    I know JC and Harold are melting glass in Utah right about now (March 2008), and for the next while…
    His work is beautiful!
    Good Luck!

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