Where did all my beads go?!

For the first time ever I am short on beads!! Has that ever happened to you? My excuse is that I’ve been busier than normal this summer and the weather’s been so hot that my little air conditioner has had a hard time keeping my studio cool. But even so, I usually have a pile of beads sitting around for back-up. So what’s the deal?!


I took my beads and jewelry in to BeadQuest yesterday because they’re having a trunk show of my work next week. And when I went to pull out my sets….. it was pretty pitiful. I had plenty of focals and jewelry but only a few measly sets…. sigh…. So I’m headed out to the studio today to make sets.


I wonder if that happens to other beadmakers? When I first began making beads all I made were sets. Probably because I couldn’t handle all the glass it took on my mandrel to make a focal. But I’m finding that the farther I get into the world of beadmaking, the less I like making small beads and the more I love putting the time into creating larger hollows and focals. It’s an interesting process…. I wonder what comes next? 😉


Nancy Sells Puffer is a lampwork bead/jewelry artist from Grand Rapids, MI. Check out her very own blog here and visit her website at www.nancysellsglass.com

2 Responses to “Where did all my beads go?!”

  1. Ellen Says:

    I think that’s why I’ve stuck with this addiction so long (9 yrs); because there’s always something else to try.
    We talked about that today at our get together. The “wonder what would happen if” syndrome.

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