Explore New Depths

hoochie coochie fish necklaceI took my Hoochy-Coochy Fish for a swim in the Mermaids Grotto! Art Bead Scene, a team blog devoted to artist made beads, has been sponsoring a monthly themed bead challenge.

This challenge isn’t necessarily about showing off your art bead creations, but showing off your use of an art bead (yours or someone else’s) in a finished piece. Last months theme was “Mermaid’s Grotto“.

I spend a lot of time making beads, but I rarely find the time to string them up into anything, so I have enjoyed using their challenges as a kick in the pants to motivate me to actually do something with my beads.

I considered attempting to make a mermaid bead, but I found that thought a bit intimidating, as there are bead makers out there that make phenomenal mermaids and I’m not much of a sculptural bead maker.

Instead I decided to play around with making a microscope slide pendants. I have been enamored with microscope slide collage pendants since my girl scout troop made them a few years ago and have been looking for an excuse to try them again. Layering numerous slides with paper cut-outs makes fun little three dimensional pendants. I couldn’t dig up any mermaid-y paper cut-outs co I decided to paint my mermaid and include an inspiration message: “Explore New Depths”.

mermaid and fish necklace bolimasa

“Explore New Depths” is great mantra for my creative life. I am always striving to step out of my box and try new things, this necklace illustrates it well. Fish beads, something I don’t normally do, painting a mermaid pendant (I’m not a painter!), and an asymmetric necklace design so I could highlight my diving fish were all new explorations for me. My left brain personality tends to use asymmetry in my jewelry design, so creating something asymmetric was was a “New Depth” for me!

Linda beads and blogs from her home in Salt Lake City, Utah!


One Response to “Explore New Depths”

  1. harmonia Says:

    Cute! Love the colors!

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