Oh, Did I mention? I need that tomorrow.

rose hanus glass lampwork bead wire wrapI make lampwork beads. I would love to be a jewelry designer, but I have only the most limited experience making jewelry. I have acquired a few tools and a little bit of odds and ends for accents. Imagine how I felt when this transpired…

Yesterday, my wonderful husband asked me if I could make a necklace for his sister using one of my beads. “Sure”, I respond, “I’ll give it a try.” Continuing the conversation, he said, “by the way, she is in town, and I will see her tomorrow. ”

Tomorrow is here, and I decide to start looking for components – in particular, wire. I wanted to use copper wire to wirewrap a bead, and then put that on a leather cord. Eureka! Husband finds the wire; unfortunately, it is 16 gauge and that is really hard to wirewrap. Oh well, that is what I have. That is what I’ll use.

I started making a spiral. Because of the heavy gauge of the wire, the spiral gets large after only a couple of turns. Amazingly, I am able to find my tools, including my hammer and bench block. I used this to flatten the curl at the bottom of the pendant. I like how that makes a more finished look.

The bead went on next, no problems there. I made a wirewrap loop for the top, and discovered that with the larger wire, you need more length to make those wraps under the loop. I had cut the wire too short! Start over!

The second time, I put the bead on the wire before I made the bottom curl. This way, I could finish the top and cut the wire after the wirewrap is completed.

Here, I encountered design problem #2. How am I supposed to finish the end of the wrap with such large wire? With smaller wire, I would just cut it, and make it lay flat. With the large wire, the end becomes a little more obvious (and more obnoxious). I solved this by making another curl on the end of the wire and hammering that. I used positive thoughts with each whack of the hammer to make sure that I didn’t hit the glass.

I am thrilled with the result. Are there flaws? Sure. Do I see ways to make it better? Absolutely. Is this going to be a good gift? Oh yeah.

Rosemarie Hanus is a glass artist who writes from her studio in Bath Township, Ohio. Her website is www.spawnofflame.com.


3 Responses to “Oh, Did I mention? I need that tomorrow.”

  1. Angie Garren Says:

    Rose, I like the way you solved the end of the wire problem, it looks nice curling down across the bead. I’ll bet your sister-in-law loved it!

  2. Ellen Says:

    Nicely done – I’m sure she was thrilled.

  3. rose h. Says:

    Thanks Angie and Ellen. She was quite happy with it. Don’t you always hold your breath though, even if you think something is great?

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