Working with the elements

In my last blog I told you about my class with Andrew Brown and Harold Williams Cooney. The class inspired a new way of thinking about materials. It blows my mind that I am creating rocks that are made up with the exact same properties as the rocks we find in nature.

Some say that if you wear rose quartz, you will feel love. If you wear aventurine, you will feel adventurous. I am interested in using these types of philosophies in my work.


I am taking the elements and creating what nature creates.


The gesture I have created on this geode/rock style glass bead is conveying an emotion that is so peaceful. Love is conveyed when you cross your arms over your heart.

Now that I am getting some of these new techniques down; creating a geode, cold working glass, re-introducing the glass to the flame to add a figure…I am ready to start using the elements that are believed to create different energies in my work.

Some research on metals, and rocks will be required. And those metals will inspire figurative gestures, to further convey the meanng, that has been traditionally believed to be derived from these elements.

Meaning is what I am after. I enjoy art that has deep meaning, that I can gain personal strength from. I want my work to do that for the viewer…

For additional information please see Sheila Morley’s Art blog. Sheila’s art work is currently documented in an on line gallery, and can be purchased at her website.

5 Responses to “Working with the elements”

  1. Angie Garren Says:

    Sheila, just by reading this, a person can tell how much your work means to you and how much thought you put into it. These are another beautiful step in your creative life!

  2. Sheila Morley Says:

    Angie, Your encouraging words really mean a lot to me. Thank you for taking the time to tell me what you think.

  3. Ellen Says:

    Sheila – please tell me you’re going to be at the bead expo in Oct. I really, really need to hold one of your beads in my hand.

  4. Sheila Morley Says:

    Oh! I wish I was! Is that the Oregon one? Not this year.
    I am planning the bead bananza in Southfield, Michigan in October, I will be at a show in November in Birmingham, Michigan, and I hope to be in Tucson in February…I am on the wait list; so, we shall see. Thank you so much for the kind words.

  5. beadabundant Says:

    Precious metals also have energetic properties like gemstones. I know gold is a healing metal. You could look up the properties of other metals like silver, copper and palladium. Finding meaning in what we do is important I think. Otherwise, for me, beadmaking becomes something that I do for a “job,” and I want it to be more integrated with who I am and an expression of my self. Thanks for the great post.

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