Grace Under Pressure

Changes are coming for the Garrens this fall, and I am hoping I learn to display grace under pressure. I’ve been trying to write about this all week but couldn’t find the right words to describe how I’m feeling about both of the kids going to school. Now, that’s not a huge change, but it will be change for each of us. Katie will begin kindergarten, James moves from kindergarten into first grade, Mommy will have time to concentrate on AngelinaBeadalina during the day, and Daddy will probably notice a less frustrated Mommy! So here’s a sampling of all the different thoughts running through my mind as I check school supply lists and talk to the kids about their upcoming year:

  • Excitement I am excited for my children because I always loved school. No kindergarten for me in 1971, but first grade was my favorite grade. I remember counting to 100, grudgingly learning to share crayons, and taking my lunch to school in a lunchbox decorated with pictures of a Dawn doll. James is going to feel so confident as he learns more complicated math problems and easily reads entire stories from big kid books. Actually, every grade was my “favorite” grade while I was in it; I loved school!
  • Taking Pleasure in the Little Things When I was trying to think of a title for this post, I remembered “Grace Under Pressure” and googled Rush to find lyrics. I’m not much of a music trivia person, so I thought that was a song instead of album name. Ah, doing that led me to videos of Rush. While I was listening to Tom Sawyer and Red Barchetta, I suddenly realized that I will now be able to listen to loud music while torching! No worries about “it’s too loud” complaints or not being able to hear what everyone is doing 🙂
  • Family, Art, Home, Earth, Love, & Peace I’ve been thinking about medicine wheels and mandalas lately, and trying to put names to the most important things in my life. These are those things, and I really want to make a glass sculpture piece to serve as a visual reminder of them. I can’t wait to spend an entire day experimenting until I get the components just right! Here’s a peek at two of the first wide discs. Hope it won’t be long until I’m showing you a finished piece.


  • Pressure Oh, yeah, there’s going to be pressure. Hubby is convinced that I need a part-time job to get me out of the house, while I am convinced that I should have this chance to turn AngelinaBeadalina into a relatively successful small business. We finally compromised. I have until the new year to be a full-time glassy person, and then we re-assess the situation. . . just a little bit of pressure when you consider how I feel like I’ve finally discovered my true calling and want to make this my career, huh? Wish me luck!

Angie Garren, aka AngelinaBeadalina, happily melts glass in her home studio, loves to share pictures of her work as it evolves, and can’t keep from writing about it all in her blog!

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