Playing Favorites with Color

I don’t think there is a single person out there that does not have an absolute favorite combination of colors. And even if you don’t want to admit you have favorites… you know you do.


My favorite happens to be purple and green. I never was much a pink lover, though it’s cute. Blue is devine but not for me. Red can be so rich and regal. Oranges and yellows are great on a tree in Fall but I still always come back to purple and green.

I find that when I get a challenge or request from someone for a certain color combination, I tend to jump to the “primary” version of the colors. I think in my head… well, blue and yellow is gonna be bright… or red and yellow, hello, that is fast food, gross. But give it enough time to stew in my head and those colors start to change. I start seeing a lighter sky shade of blue with streaks of a soft daisy yellow. Or I might start to see deep dark red with a touch of orange mixed in with opal yellow (so not your average fast food colors).

How does all this relate to “favorite” color combos? Well I think a lot of people tend to find a favorite and stop there. I’ll admit it! I got stuck at Moretti Pale Ink (very purpely), Dark Lavendar, and Grass Green as my “favorite”. But I sort of had an “AH-HA” moment the other day. I have been playing a lot with Copper Green and the beautiful seafoamy color it turns when etched. I just love it. And what did I do? I kept putting it with my “usual” favorites. It finally hit me… silly girl, metallic silver plum is purple too! And oh shut up, when you etch it is a fantastic eggplant color. (Sorry you can’t see it so well in the picture, but those are yummy colors!)


What I am getting at here is making a more postive effort to explore the range of colors in your favorite combos. And I think in doing so, you’ll be able to find new, creative variations on the other combinations of colors that enter your life. It is little light bulb moments like these with color that makes me that much more excited to come up with even more combinations.

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One Response to “Playing Favorites with Color”

  1. Ellen Says:

    True words. I had a request for a red, white and blue necklace. Yikes! Soooooooo not something I would ever, ever do but I switched out the white for dark ivory and etched everything. Whew! Much better.

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