Bright Days and Boy Beads

I make boy beads. Or so my daughter has told me. So what are “boy beads”? I think she uses that term because many of my beads are big, not huge, but certainly not dainty, and because I tend to work in dark and neutral colors.

wmc070903a1.jpg wmc070903a2.jpg

I also love to use silver foil and reduction frits which often cause dark reactions with other glass imparting a dark, earthy, organic feel to many of beads. As a card carrying nerd (I work as a lab technician) I guess it’s not surprising that beadmaking brings out the mad scientist in me, making me really enjoy working with reactive materials, even if they lead me to making big dark “boy beads”.

wmc070903a3.jpgOne of my constant goals as a bead maker is try to think out my box and try new things. For me, working in bright colors is an out of the box moment. I’m always looking at other beadmakers fun, cheerful beads thinking I should learn to work in color, but when I fire up the torch the first thing I reach for is my ivory and silver foil. So I have declared that every week or two I will make myself have a “bright day”, where I try to have a whole beadmaking session devoted to making more colorful beads.

Hopefully these “Bright Days” will bring a little color into my life and lead me to make a few more “girl beads”! My “boy beads” have been a little lonely after all.

Linda beads and blogs from her home in Salt Lake City, Utah!


4 Responses to “Bright Days and Boy Beads”

  1. angelinabeadalina Says:

    Linda, I love to look at all the colors in your deep, dark boy beads! It’s good to try the brights (because you get gorgeous girl beads like that sexy orange/red one in the picture), just so you don’t forsake the “dark” side, chick!

  2. Ellen Says:

    You’ve heard this before but – we ARE sisters in every way except that “nerd” thing. I’m all about those dark beads too. I wish I had a ton of dark ivory. I have to really force myself to work in the bright/light stuff too. Maybe I’ll adopt your new theory: pick a day every now and then (not too often, though) and pull out the “girly” colors.

  3. nancysellsglass Says:

    They’re beautiful Linda! Right up my alley… 😉

  4. rose h. Says:

    If your beads are boy beads, I think I need to do a chromosomal check on myself. Nahhh, I’m not a boy.

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