What’s Your Sign?

It’s been ages since I read my horoscope in the newspaper, but I used to love to read it when I was a teenager. Still, underneath my skeptic’s exterior, there is a part of me that is fascinated by the signs of the zodiac. I am an Aquarius, and no matter where you look up the attributes of an Aquarius, you’re bound to find words like “individualist”, “eccentric”, and “intellectual”. When it comes to glass, I’d say I go heavy on all three of these.

I always try to give my beads and sculptures a unique AngelinaBeadalina look (individualist), even though that can sometimes make for strange work (eccentric), and I usually try to tell you a story about how that unique but sometimes strange piece of glass was born (intellectual).


This bead was born without much of a backstory, though. This bead was made at the end of what felt like a very productive and fun day at the torch (my second day of torching while both kids were at school). I had spent most of the day working on a zodiac inspired multi-piece sculpture, but I wanted an extra bead or two to use for gallery and show ‘n tell pictures until I finish that zodiac wheel sculpture. What a surprise when I opened the kiln and discovered this striking yellow and black combination!

When I made it at the end of the day, I decided to just use the time to practice my zodiac symbols so it would be easier to do them next time I torched. . . and now, I have yet another direction for zodiac beads. Who knew that impatient AngelinaBeadalina would stumble across a reason to actually practice before she torches?

Psst, AngelinaBeadalina knows what your horoscope foretells for you today: You will have fun reading crazy Angie’s musings and occasional rants at www.AngelinaBeadalina.blogspot.com. You will venture into the vast unknown of eccentric, strange glass in Angie’s pages of www.BeadArtists.org. Then, after you win the lottery, you will feel the need to buy lots of goodies from Angie’s Etsy store as she finally kicks it off September 4th.


2 Responses to “What’s Your Sign?”

  1. rose h. Says:

    Angie, your stringer work is so graceful! You need to make more “practice” beads – that one is gorgeous!

  2. angelinabeadalina Says:

    That one would be one of my “happy accidents,” Rose 🙂

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