Another Happy Accident: Glass Nautilus Bead

My latest designs have revolved one way or another around the nautilus series of beads. I mentioned in my “Happy Accident” post, that I have a new design that came about when a nautilus broke free from the mandrel.

I had a really nice twisted cane that I wanted to use, but I had only a little left – not anywhere close enough to make a nautilus. I should mention that when I make a new cane, I often have, for the lack of a better term, related canes. They are similar, but not exactly the same. For example, let’s assume that I want to achieve this certain blue and green combination. I make one, but maybe I don’t quite like the blue, so I make another, adjusting the blue combination. The first cane can be good, in fact in can be great, but if I want a certain blue, then I am going to keep adjusting until I get it. I do keep records of what I do, in case I want to duplicate it.

So, here I had a too short cane on my bench, with a multitude of other, similar canes. My brain said that I should just make another cane like the one that I wanted. My arms said, “No, I don’t think so, I’m not in the mood for making ANOTHER cane. ” Other body parts agreed with the arms, so the brain needed to do come up with something else. In a moment of brilliance, my brain got the idea of making TWO spirals for the nautilus, one with the color that I wanted, the other with a related cane.

This did not turn out exactly as I had imagined, but it still has possibilities.


Rosemarie Hanus is a glass artist who writes from her studio in Bath Township, Ohio. Her website is


3 Responses to “Another Happy Accident: Glass Nautilus Bead”

  1. lori g. Says:

    We design a lot the same. Although I don’t have many happy accidents. šŸ˜¦ You should see how many different turquoise or purple encased stringer I have at my bench. And I’m still trying to get it ‘just right’. No one else would probably even notice.

    Thanks for talking about your process!

  2. rose h. Says:

    I am thrilled know that we design alike. Although this particular bead was not exactly the happiest of accidents, I’m still planning on running with this idea!

  3. Watch Me Create » Refining Older Designs Says:

    […] newer designs, particularly my Nautilus series of beads. Last month, I discussed where I had added a second spiral to the design. I have decided to not pursue that path right now, because it just does not have the right feel to […]

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