Introduction: Heather Hertziger

Hi, my name is Heather Hertziger and I’m a professional pyromaniac 🙂 We won’t be telling that to my neighbor, Mr. Fire Marshal. He knows I play with fire but he doesn’t know about the maniac part yet and I don’t really think he needs to 🙂

I play with polymer clay, art clay silver, and of course glass. I started out as a jewelry designer. I have a bad nickel allergy so can’t wear the costume jewelry sold at the stores so had to make my own. I started to really like it and started selling. As I sold more I started investing in lampwork beads made by other artists because I thought there was no way I could ever afford to make my own beads. Then I discovered polymer clay and could make pretty beads for myself and so I did that for a couple of years.


Then one year at Bead and Button I found a vendor selling the hot head torch, a few rods of glass, and some basic tools for $99 dollars. Knowing nothing about safety or annealing I took my prize home. I started playing with the glass and researching my new love and through lots of trial and error (and NO classes) I learned how to make glass beads. My husband (wonderful man) bought me a kiln and controller and I started selling my beads. I have since graduated to a bobcat torch and while I still play with polymer clay and have added art clay silver to my collection of skills, glass will always be my first love.

I live with my husband of 11 years, my 8 year old German shepherd Summer, 2 bearded dragons, a rosy boa, and a leopard gecko. Pictures of them will appear in later posts as they are the inspiration for a lot of my work.

My husband is a wonderfully supportive man, as I said before, he bought me my kiln a little over a month after I got my hot head. Then later he bought me my bobcat and my oxycon. He said he bought me a bigger torch so I would quit eyeing the oxy/acetylene torch he uses to remove parts from his hobby car but he and I both know he did it because he loves me 🙂 (pause for a collective awwww here)

I have never had a real formal class in either jewelry design, polymer clay, art clay, or lampwork. That’s why I have the name Square One Beads, everytime I screwed up I had to start again at square one. Not having a real class means that every time I sit at the torch its another lesson. Right now a lot of my work features flowers because two big techniques I need to work on are dot placement and stringer control. I hope as time goes on I will improve in both of these skills.

I currently sell my work on Ebay, JustBeads and my site I hope you will check out my work and tell me what you think.


4 Responses to “Introduction: Heather Hertziger”

  1. jcherrell Says:

    Welcome, Heather!!!!!! I look forward to seeing more of your posts!

  2. angelinabeadalina Says:

    Hey, Heather the Pyromaniac, you melt some beautiful beads! Welcome, and tell your hubby he’s not the only man who ever jealousy guarded his grease monkey torch from a glass meltin’ woman 🙂

  3. jean Says:

    Hi, my name is Jean–I just read your story with great interest! Keep having fun and keep up the good work!

  4. Carol Says:


    You forgot to mention that you have great writing skills. Aren’t we lucky to have such great hubbies? You are an inspiration for me to start making some beads!

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