Bead Muse Gets Distracted

The bad thing about having a broken camera is…obvious! The good thing; you get to get a new camera. Of course, in this world, when it rains it pours! Yep! When the camera breaks, the flat lap has to break too.

So, not only can you not produce the art you are planning, the muse gets a bit confused as well. If you read my last blog, you know I am inspired by Goddess beads. If you read the blog before that, you know I enjoy the meaning different elements add to my work. Without the flat lap and the camera; my muse has definitely been tampered with.

The first picture here is with my new camera (after a nice long lesson in, how this camera works). I just had to show how awesome macro works on this camera. My depth of field (distance from camera to objects in focus…) is HUGE! These are some of my first sculptural pieces (the back three) made with borosilicate glass, a year ago. (For my personal collection.) The piece in the foreground is Kronos, that beautiful Double Helix reactive glass. The space between the figure in the front and the one in the back is about 4″. Yes, my camera ROCKS!


The muse decided to work on those sculptures I have planned in the first picture. The, “how I wish it looked” is starting to come about. Foremost! Size matters! (I think of JC when I say that!) These need to get LARGE! In my mind! And large, to me, could be 4″ or 4′ ….

wmc070908a2.jpgThis one is 4″ tall. The largest to date! Could be larger. These are borosilicate. Now that I have more control with the encasement and the implosions, I am able to make some nice pedestals and backgrounds for my Soul Gestures to be a part of.

Even though my muse has been interupted by failed equipment and lost time; I am pretty happy with the flow. Especially since I have turned back to sculpture (my second artisitic passion; painting being the first). Really, I think many bead makers are sculptors in a bead makers body. If you really think about it, it is true! If we could lift 200 lb sculptures up and pack them in our bags, travel accross the country; that easy! Why bother making it small? I see the small thing as being an advantage to being a woman with a sore neck, arm and hand!

Now that the flat lap motor is fixed, this week I plan to work on the flat; creating geode style sculptural beads. Some research on the metals I am using is required. And, a new figure, that I am sure the energy from the metals will help inspire. We’ll see what my muse comes up with!

For additional information please see Sheila Morley’s Art blog. Sheila’s art work is currently documented in an on line gallery, and can be purchased at her website.


4 Responses to “Bead Muse Gets Distracted”

  1. Cathy Lybarger Says:

    Hey Sheila-
    Slightly OT but what are you using for a background in those pictures? It looks really nice.

  2. Sheila Morley Says:

    the ezcube tent comes with some backgrounds. This is the blue to white one. I had only used it a couple times before. I really like it too.

  3. tracybeads Says:

    I don’t think I’ve noticed you make women with the heads seperated from the bodies before- is that new? I like them that way. Words that came to mind were dreaming, imagination, wandering, like their minds are floating off somewhere.

  4. Sheila Morley Says:

    hm…tracy…Interesting concept. I usually do want them to have a neck. I really did not think about that. Most of the figures in boro above were done last year, and I may have given up a little on them because the boro was new to me last year. I have now learned some new techniques that work with creating the figure with boro. It really is different from the soft glass, I usually use.
    You are Inspiring ideas….I use to draw women, and their head was in the clouds…but with a neck. I wonder what those drawings would be like if I took the neck away. I really love to draw…perhaps I will do this on a bead? We shall see. Thanks for the inspiration.

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