All Wrapped Up. Wire Wrap, That is.

linda morrison wire wrap pendantOnce again I have to thank my fellow beadmakers for bringing me inspiriation! Not inspiration for how to make something, but a good kick in the pants to actually work on one of the projects on my long list of “things I’m going to someday get around to creating”.

As I’ve said many times before, my beads sometimes speak to me. Occasionally one will say “I know I’m not the most beautiful bead in the box, but if you dressed me up just right I will look fantatastic”.

I have had one such bead sitting on my bead board for a few months now. I discovered her while rummaging through my bead box while I was making jewelry for my first jewelry show. She wanted to be wire wrapped, but done differently than my typical pendant wire wrapping. Since I was in such a rush to finish my show pieces, I never got around to wrapping the bead that wanted to be different.

Then last month Rose blogged about wire wrapping one of her pendants. Just my luck, darn it, her wire wrapping job was very similar to what I had in mind for that bead. After seeing Rose’s pendant I decided I needed to wrap up that lonely bead that has been languishing on my bead board. So at the risk of looking like a copy cat, here she is. (Fortunately, I know Rose knows I’m not the copy cat type and will forgive me for “stealing” her design)

linda morrison bolimasa blogaramaShe really wanted to be wrapped in copper, instead of my standard silver, and she wanted to be embellished with a decorative wire wrap across her face rather than my standard, utilitatian “wrap to hang” job.

I was happy with how she came out, and decided to string her up. I rummaged through my bead stash to find just the “right” beads to string her on, and came up with two viable choices. I strung a few inches of both types,and still couldn’t decide which I prefered so I asked my daughter’s opinion. She said “I’d do it half and half”. What a great idea! One that I would have never thought of.

So today I have to thank Rose for inspiring me to actually wrap that lonely bead, and my daughter for inspiring me to do something different!

2 Responses to “All Wrapped Up. Wire Wrap, That is.”

  1. rose h. Says:

    Oooo pretty! “Steal” away – you know that it really isn’t like mine at all. Besides, I independently “stole” one of your designs earlier this year, remember? And you didn’t get mad.
    Did you?
    I love the half and half idea too.

  2. Ellen Says:

    Apparently listening to voices is working for ya, chica. Lovely piece.

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