Creative Constipation: When Ideas Get Stuck

I am finding more and more, especially through blogging, that I seem to float between two creative states: disenchanted or overloaded. I have blogged plenty of times about the disenchanted times. Those days when I have little to no motivation to work, ideas are nowhere to be found, and I mope, just waiting for the funk to pass. But I haven’t really talked about when I get so many ideas I don’t know what to do.

This other state of mind comes at odd and unexpected times. I become so overwhelmed with ideas that they all get jumbled up in my head and nothing comes out. I actually find it rather ironic… since one of the ideas jamming up my brain was a lack of something to blog about here on WMC… when duh, it hit me, blog about too many ideas at once!

Rattling around in my head right now are ideas for a new wire necklace piece, though it is still trapped because I can’t decide what colors I want to make it in. Though, I did take the time to sketch out the design in my sketch book. I love it on paper, and can’t wait to bring it to life. But at the same time… the business side of my brain is reminding me that I have neglected my customers as far as my bead offerings recently.

kerry bogert kabs creative concepts work space

So along with ideas for this new necklace, I have ideas for new beads. Those colors are narrowed down, at least, I thought they were. I was driving through town the other day and saw a ’56 Chevy Belair that was lime green and gray. I thought “those would be cool beads”. But when sitting at the torch, the colors weren’t working and ideas for the necklace kept coming back to me. I ended up completely wasting 4 full rods of glass, a ramp cycle on the kiln, and about an hour of my time. I didn’t make a single bead, though about 10 were laid down and left to cool and crack.

What else is caught up in my brain… well, daily family life is always there, but that kind of stuff is for my other blog. Here we get to the nitty gritty about creativity… so the photos for this blog post are of my disaster area of a work space. One of the other things that clogging the creative water works is my need to tidy up. I hate cleaning up. Oh sure, I love it when it is clean, and I always swear I will be better about putting things away from now on once it is cleaned up… lol, but it never goes that way does it?

kerry bogert kabs creative concepts work space

Since this seems to happen to me a lot, you would think I would have figured out by now what I need to do to organize my thoughts and get back to being productive… but nope, I have no clue. I will say that writing about it helps. It makes me really pin down what it is I want to be doing. I think it helps to “see” “thinking”. I think it starts to get chaotic thoughts to get in a single file line and wait their turns to be created.

And now that I have shared these messy desk pictures, I think the first thing I need to do is tackle them….

Kerry Bogert is blogging about her glass art beads and jewelry from her home studio in Ontario NY. Check her work at

One Response to “Creative Constipation: When Ideas Get Stuck”

  1. nancysellsglass Says:

    Oh Kerry… I so feel your pain! If only there was a way to clone me so I had a beadmaking me, a jewlry making me, a marketing me, etc. 😉

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