Ocean Focals, Building on Inspiration

In my last blog, I had written about revisiting the ocean-style focals that I had so enjoyed in the past. Although I was pleased with the focals that I had made a couple of weeks ago, I couldn’t help thinking that I could do something a bit more expressive with the concept.When I was thinking of ways to evolve my ocean inspired focals, many things came to mind. . . Starfish, shells, waves, coral, cute little fish, scary sharks, ships and rusted old anchors. I decided that I liked the idea of a rope and anchor the best, but I wasn’t sure how to arrange them without over powering the beautiful ocean background that they would be applied to. This type of thing tends to be really difficult for me I am always so concerned about how the elements of my beads are ultimately balanced within a design. Admittedly I can be a bit obsessive-compulsive about even the tiniest of details. It’s exhausting!!

lydia muell ocan focals

With an idea locked in to my mind, I hit the torch hoping for the best. I made a few twisties of goldstone, silvered rattan, silvered cinnamon and crystal clear glass, hoping that they would make a fabulous sparkling rope. Once the twisties were ready to go, I pulled some metallic silver glass to use for the anchor.

Finally, I was ready to make my bead. I started with a heavily reduced base of Kronos, wrapped with silver blue dichroic and eventually a thick layer of clear encasing glass. I liked it as it was so I was a bit scared to add anything to it. You know how that goes. . . Sometimes you can add too much and end up with a total mess, right?

Well, I gathered my nerves and began to apply the metallic stringer into what would hopefully resemble an anchor. Once that was done, I was thinking “Ah, so far so good. . .!!” and moved on to wrapping the twisties around the top of the bead, sort of letting them overlap a bit. Ooh!!! I was pleased!! So much so that I had to make two little friends for my focal and it grew into a trio.

Lydia Muell is a glass bead maker who blogs in her studio from Lexington, NC. For more information please visit here website at ashtonjewels.com.


2 Responses to “Ocean Focals, Building on Inspiration”

  1. angelinabeadalina Says:

    Lydia, it’s a fabulous looking trio! The balance of the background and the anchor and rope is just right. I don’t obsess about finding the right balance, but maybe I should because the best ones I’ve ever done happened when I managed to hold myself back from adding just one more detail.

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