Fear as Inspiration

Torch time is play time for me. Normally, I sit at my torch, start melting some glass and feel my worries flow away with the first molten drop that hits the water. Yes, I do that on purpose. I take a rod of cheap glass, get it nice and gooey and let it drip into the water. There is something very therapeutic about watching the glass flow to a watery, sizzly death. The sizzle makes me smile and I imagine my troubles flowing and shattering just like the glass does. After that first drop I am ready to work.

Sometimes though, fear creeps in despite my watery therapy. In my last blog I mentioned that I needed work on my dot placement and stringer control. I normally take a very laid back approach to practicing both of these. If I goof then I do a gravity swirl and call the bead an organic. It’s a very no pressure way of working. Now, however, the fear has replaced my normal no pressure attitude. Why? Because at the end of this month I am taking a class from Kim Fields at The Vinery in Madison, WI. Kim Fields is a wonderful bead artist but if you look at her work you will see that a LOT of it deals with superb stringer control. And take a wild guess at what I don’t have 🙂

As the class gets closer the fear gets stronger that I will make an idiot of myself in the class so I’ve been practicing. This is my latest attempt.


As you can see, I need a lot of work. This is where the fear comes in. The fear is what makes me be more serious when it comes to practicing my stringer control. Without it I would probably look like a complete fool when I went to my class. With the fear I will keep practicing each time at the torch and hopefully will improve enough by the time of the class that I am able to do justice to Kim’s teaching. In cases like this fear is both my friend and my inspiration.

Wish me luck, and an extra dose of Fear!

Heather is a self-representing artist who creates and blogs out of her home. Her work can be found here and on Ebay and JustBeads under the user name squareonebeads.


3 Responses to “Fear as Inspiration”

  1. Suzanne Says:

    Sounds like the fear is good motivation for you Heather, but dont stress too much about not getting the most out of the class. Stringer control and dots were a major part of the Anastasia class I took also…but if your skills arent quite there, you still learn a lot and can apply it in your own work and continue to grow your skills after the class. And everyone else will be too concerned with their own learning to worry about what you are making! Have a ball at the class! Miss you roomie!

  2. nancysellsglass Says:

    Breathe in…. breathe out…. 😉 You’ll be fine – Kim is the best! I rarely do well in classes… but once I get home it’s amazing how much comes back to me. Just go and have fun. And tell Kim I said hello!!

  3. Lee Ann Says:

    Certainly still practice, but go to a relaxing area inside or out, lean back and get comfy. Then take yourself through the thing you are worried about, and picture yourself doing each step from the beginning. Feel the peace and satisfaction flow through yourself as you do it just as you would like. Spend a few minutes each day this way, and when you go to your class, take a moment to relax yourself, rejoice that you are there and going to learn and have a fabulous time… and the skill will come to you – it will will just flow from you and you’ll do wonderfully and learn so much! Remember to ENJOY! You can practice your newfound skill for the rest of your life, but you only get a short period to enjoy living in the moment of the fantastic opportunity of the class. Enjoy! We’ll look forward to seeing your creations!

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