Avian Inspiration Again

linda morrison glass beads bolimasaEarlier this year when I made my first bird bead I decided that I want to create other avian inspired beads. I had a few ideas for other bird beads but had yet to attempt giving any others a try. I guess I was waiting for the right inspiration to come along. I was confident that one day it would.

I have a good friend who, along with her daughter, volunteers as bird rehabilitator at a nature center. A while back they were releasing an eagle back into the wild and my friend invited me to accompany them so I had an excuse to make the hour trek to the center where they work.

While waiting to leave on the eagle release adventure I was able to see the many wild turkeys that wander around the grounds of the nature center. I had not seen wild turkeys close up before, and I admit my vision of turkey was that of a big, awkward dark bird with funny looking red wattles. I had no idea how spectacular their plumage really is.

It was molting season so the areas where they like to hang out were literally littered with all sizes and shapes of turkey feathers. The various feathers where colored in blacks, browns and off-whites, and many of them had a beautiful, lustrous, iridescent stripe across the top. After collecting a few feathers from the ground I knew what my next avian inspired bead would be.

Fortunately, being game birds, turkeys are one of the few birds whose feathers are legal to possess. I was able to bring an assortment of feathers home to use for beady inspiration. I chose my favorite, the ones with the magnificent iridescent stripe, to be the inspiration for my turkey beads. As you can see from the pictures, I tried a couple different styles. My bird rehabilitator friends liked the one I pictured singly the best. I can’t quite decide. What do you think?


Linda beads and blogs from her home in Salt Lake City, Utah!


6 Responses to “Avian Inspiration Again”

  1. Ellen Says:

    Turkeys have a soft spot in my heart. There are a group of them that have walked around my parents neighborhood near the river for years. My dad always fed them.
    The picture you took of the single feather is amazingly beautiful and I believe you’ve captured that beauty in your beads – all of them.

  2. Suz Says:

    What lovely beads, and how fascinating to see such a direct influence from the feathers you have found. I am trying direct inspiration myself for the first time at the moment – reflecting upon the paintings of a particular artist.

    Lovely work – thanks for sharing.

  3. Linda Says:

    Thanks so much for the lovely comments!
    I’m looking at my pictures this morning thinking “YUK”!
    I’m accustomed to my photography not doing justice to my beads, but I feel slighted mother nature by not capturing the true beauty of the feather. She’s really the best artist!!!

  4. tracybeads Says:

    Nice Linda, what great inspiration! My fav is also the bead in the single photo because of the shape and colors. But, I can see how the one with dots would attract because of the visual contrast (it drew my eye right to it) and it’s not as linear in design. They’re all great designs.

  5. lori g. Says:

    Those beads are just so cool. I can picture them being worn. You totally captured the wild animal/bird aspect with those colors and the gold stone is a perfect accent!

    You go bird lady! šŸ™‚

  6. darleenmb Says:

    Linda, your beads are FABulous! I just love the goldstone accents. I think my favorite is the middle one. Keep going!

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