Refining Older Designs

Lately I have been focusing on creating newer designs, particularly my Nautilus series of beads. Last month, I discussed where I had added a second spiral to the design. I have decided to not pursue that path right now, because it just does not have the right feel to me. I guess that it is a little too cluttered for that bead. That is of course not to say that next month I won’t like them again!

So, I was left with the question of “where do I go now”?

I have decided to go back and take another look at my large hole Donut beads. These are my “comfort beads”, but I have not made them much lately. I think I may have been inspired to revisit this style by Lydia Muell’s posts about Revisiting Ocean Inspired beads and Building on Inspiration.

rosemarie hanus spawn of flame beads

I make these beads with twisted cane (or latticino) to get a certain look to them. The best way that I have come up with to describe my style is “Organized Chaos”, so I need to put a new twist (sorry… pun alert) on this theme. I usually use multiple layers of colors, opaques and transparents to build my canes. This gives the beads that look of depth and a sense of layered ropes. I like the look, and there are so many more color combinations to explore, but I think I am just doing it out of habit. I decided to try a simpler cane with just stripes of opaque glasses. Just to be different.

I then draped my base bead with this type of cane, and let it spread out. The resulting bead looks more like a polished rock and also has that great organic look that many beadmakers produce. On the other hand, it also gives me control over how the finished bead turns out. Not a lot of control, really – they are not repeatable in the way that a dot bead might be, but I do have control of the ratio of colors that a bead has.

Here is my first prototype of this approach. What do you think? Should I keep going down this path? Oh, there is another thing different about this bead. Can you spot what that might be?  Leave me a comment with your guess!

Rosemarie Hanus creates artisan lampwork beads, including donut beads like this one, at her home studio in Bath Township, Ohio. She has a website, Spawn Of Flame and a blog where you can see more of her work.


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