The Value of Putting Yourself Out There!

This past weekend I had a booth at the West Michigan Bead Expo, the show that my friend Robin Mamo and I organize. It was the first time I’ve had a chance to show off my hollows, my Lake Superior stone jewelry and the stone dot beads I’ve told you about in past posts. I was really tickled with the response I received!

nancy puffer stone glass ring

It is so rewarding to find out that the new ideas popping around in your head are actually good. It’s one thing to show a new technique to your friends and family… they almost always love what you create! But to have people you don’t know tell you they love your work is such a validating experience. That’s what happened on Saturday. The beads I’ve been making recently went over well. They liked me… they really liked me!!

It doesn’t get much better than that… so I think I’ll keep wandering down this new path I’ve found. Want to come with me?


Nancy Sells Puffer is a lampwork bead/jewelry artist from Grand Rapids, MI. Check out her very own blog here and visit her website at


3 Responses to “The Value of Putting Yourself Out There!”

  1. Ellen Says:

    You keep wandering down that path, chica, cuz I’m right behind you, stumbling along, picking up your left-overs!!!

  2. Eileen Says:

    Nancy…I think your beads are awesome…I love your new “stone dot” beads…A very cool look…Keep up your creative work…
    Eileen 🙂

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