Disappointment as Inspiration

In my last post I mentioned how excited I was about my upcoming class with Kim Fields. Well, unfortunately, that class was cancelled. I wanted to cry. Not only had I been excited about taking a class with someone like Kim, but it was a major purchase that was going to be paid for with my business funds and absolutely no personal funds. For me that is a huge deal, most of the major purchases have been paid for by personal funds or bought for my by my darling husband’s business. So I was hugely disappointed for two reasons.

I managed to get over it though and decided if I couldn’t take a class to help learn heat control I would try to do it myself. So now my challenge is sculptural beads. Not only do you have to have good heat control in order not to melt the various features into one another. You also need good heat control to make sure that your piece stays warm enough that it doesn’t break either in the construction process or in the kiln during annealing.

So I tried, and tried, and tried, and tried. And after about a dozen attempts that either exploded during construction or cracked in half during annealing I decided to try something small. I finally succeeded with something small.


I don’t know about you but I think he turned out cute πŸ™‚ He isn’t ornate or complicated but he is in one piece with no thermal cracks. Its a major victory for me πŸ™‚ I even liked him and his cheese so much that I turned them into earrings for myself.

I have officially learned my lesson. I will work on small pieces until I learn the heat control to make larger pieces.

Only the future can show if I suceed.

Heather blogs from her home studio. You can see her work at Square One Beads.


2 Responses to “Disappointment as Inspiration”

  1. Angie Garren Says:

    Heather, the mouse and piece of cheese are so cute– looks like you’re a natural at sculpting! You’ll succeed, and you’ll be surprised at how fast your pieces will get bigger when you want them to be. . . just keep playing at the torch because with sculpting, you learn something new every time.

  2. lydiamuell Says:

    Heather, your little mouse and cheese beads are darling!!

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