Has anyone seen my Muse?

I’ve probably taken one too many classes recently because I’m feeling overwhelmed with information and new techniques. OTOH, I long ago discovered that, for me, the muse only shows up when I’ve done my homework. That is, put in the time and effort to hone my skills.

Way back when I was trying to muddle my way along with stained glass I finally put aside a teacher’s admonition to NEVER use someone else’s pattern. I decided that I need to put in some time actually working with the materials and gaining confidence before I started trying to design anything.

The surprising thing was that as I slowly gained a small measure of mastery over the medium (and I DO mean small!) it was like a floodgate opened in my mind. I literally could not keep up with the flow of ideas for everything from table lamps to windows to metal sculptures made with junk yard parts (and don’t ask me where THAT one came from because I have NO idea! LOL).

Which brings me to my current state of ennui. I mean, here I’ve had the great good fortune to take two separate 2-day workshops with two of the most creative people in the lampworking field. Kate Fowle Meleney and Michael Barley both gave standout classes and shared so much information I feel my brain is about to implode. Yet here I am again, dragging my feet when it’s time to get to work.

I’m starting to feel like the writer who first needs to clean off her desk, or clean the refrigerator or walk the cat before she can begin her novel. What IS it that stalls me out so? Is it fear? Fatigue? Sheer laziness?

And then I sit here wondering if I even belong on this blog since all I’m doing is whining while others are actually creating.


2 Responses to “Has anyone seen my Muse?”

  1. rose h. Says:

    Darleen, you absolutely belong here! I think muddling through those creative blocks is a really difficult task. Seeing that others have to do it is somehow reassuring, at least for me. Seeing how others handle it may help all of us when those blocks hit.
    What was your most favorite thing that you learned during each workshop? Could you focus on just that one thing to change what you currently do now?

  2. darleenmb Says:

    Thanks Rose. I appreciate your comments and suggestion. That’s actually something I’ve been mulling over … focusing on one thing and working with it.

    I think this is all just part of my usual post-class slump. Does ANYone else go through this, or is it just me?

    OTOH, I made a huge lentil about a week before I left for this class and today popped it onto the quick change post I bought from Michael and slipped it onto a snake chain. I have to admit it is just awesome! I’d post a pic but our DSL is down and I’m (gasp!) logged on via dial up. Now THAT’S enough to depress anyone!

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