Confessions of a Lazy Lampworker

I am terrible. Really, truly… just pathetic. I am supposed to be some kinda “Stay-Home-Mom-Entrepreneur” but it is all a sham. I am secretly a very very lazy lampworker. I love making beads… I love watching my website as people buy them up… I love the last second jumps an auction bid takes… I don’t even really mind (but sorry I can’t say “love”) packing said goodies up and hauling them off to the post office. But that is where the line is drawn. It is all the effort I want to put in.

I know what you are thinking… you are saying to yourself “Kerry, what else is there? Create, Sell, Send… duh… that’s it“. Wrong-O!! There is more… there is that whole “business” side and I have been neglecting it for months!!

I have this spreadsheet my computer savvy hubby created for me. It is an excell document comprised of 3 pages…. Expenses, Sales, Summary. All I have to do it click on a little box and type in the amount of a sale or the amount of a purchase. It is very straight forward… couldn’t be easier. And yet, I haven’t opened that spreadsheet since June. LOL… I know, I need a serious slap on the wrist.

I have no excuses… no wait… I’ll make some up… the numbers on my keys stick so it takes forever to type in those numbers… um, my dog ate the Paypal shipping receipts (I know I don’t have a dog, just go with it)… oh, I know… my kids were sick everyday something sold and I just couldn’t make it to the computer. Yes, yes, they are all very weak (and fake) excuses.

The truth is… I am just a lazy lampworker. I much rather spend that time surfing the web getting inspired by daily bead show and tells or reading the countless blogs I have in my blogroll. I want all the success of selling my beads online without the work, is that really too much to ask? I don’t understand why the government can’t understand that artist don’t like doing paperwork. Taxes, shampses! It really effects my creative energy having it looming over my head all the time. Oh I know… maybe there is something online where all I have to do it forward a payment confirmation email to someone and they will do all the work? You think? Hmmm… maybe I should google that!! (oh would you stop shaking your head at me… it is my spreadsheet and I’ll avoid it if I want to!)

Kerry Bogert is blogging about her glass art beads and jewelry from her home studio in Ontario NY. Check her work at


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