Boogie down beads in Funky town!

I have mentioned before that I was inspired by Sarah Hornik’s funky beads. This series is inspired by the name of a set she had made last Spring, “Funky Town“. The colors are popping, and the background has rhythm. Those are my two favorite things about Sarah’s beads.

I could not resist the thought of putting my boogie down Soul Gestures on a Funky rhythmic background.

I am pretty happy with the spontaneous movements they make as I push the stringer around in the flame. The stick people technique has a bit of freedom In the beginning, I apply the glass and see where it goes, and as soon as I see a gesture forming….then it requires my control. At the beginning, I do not see exactly what it is going to look like, and then after I start, I see the end, before it happens, and I follow the lines I see in my head

sheila morley boogie down bead sheila morley boogie down bead

With a push or a pull of the string of glass, the gesture really comes to life.

The “boogie down in funky town” is fun and eye catching. Combining the figurative images I create, with a traditional glass feathering technique, is inspiring. I wonder what other techniques I can combine with my “Soul Gestures”?

The original “boogie down beads” (from 2006; see the orange one below), were more detailed, more anatomically correct, and take quite a bit longer to create. Sometimes I am really looking for anatomically correct figures, when I want things to look realistic.

sheila morley boogie down beadSometimes I just want the work to be expressive, and not perfect. I enjoy the human hand look. It is hard to force myself to stop paying attention to too much detail. I actually have to make a rule for myself to follow. Like, only apply the glass, NO TOOLING! It is one of my ways of tricking myself from fiddling around too long.

When I put a lot of detail into the different plains of the form, I get a response from some viewers that was not really my intention. My Father-in-law said, “Look at the knockers on that one”. Or my Husbands most popular response, “She’s sexy!” I was not really looking for those responses. I was looking for, “I want to feel like that”, or “I hear the music.” So, I gave the quick gesture with lines a chance on these funky beads, and I am really liking these new beads. The Universal stick person, with expression on a funky bead. Seems so simple.

I guess it makes sense to learn to do the relief sculpting with people as good as I can; to perfect the skills I use the most, before I try to simplify it. Reminds me of modern art theories about simplifying form. (I love to overthink things).  To me, these are the essence of the original idea. I am very excited to see where these go.

Sheila Morley’s Art blog is about her works in progress, and her life as an Artist.. Sheila’s art work is currently documented in an on line gallery, and can be purchased at her website, e-bay, and she has a new shop at Etsy.


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