A Softer Side – Exploring New Colors

After reading Kandice Seeber’s post about color, I visited the color site, COLOURlovers. I really did not need another website where I can loose hours of time just looking around, or did I?

colour lovers palette ecstatic

I decided to just pick one of the palettes, something that is different than what I would normally use, but yet something that appealed to me, and use that combination during one of my torch sessions. That palette and only that palette – no more, no less. I decided on this one – “Ecstatic -}”. Yes, the bracket is part of its name, because it is actually only part of a palette. There is also “{- Ecstatic”, which is the first half of the palette. I sense a follow up session!

This set of colors is so very different than what I am used to using! I tend toward more bold combinations, and I also shy away from pinks. These are also color that I would probably not used together, who would have thought to put a pale green, a couple of beiges, and a couple of pinks together? Lots of people probably, but not me.

I was able to find great matches for these colors in my Reichenbach glass stash. The pink is a little “cooler” than the warm pink in the palette, but it’s a good start. I have to admit that it was very difficult not to add some darker contrasty/accent colors – but that would have violated the rules that I had set for myself.

Here is one of my Zebra style beads in the “Ecstatic -}” scheme.

colour lovers palette ecstatic

I like it! Do you think it’s a keeper?

Rosemarie Hanus plays with color and creates artisan lampwork beads at her home studio in Bath Township, Ohio. She has a website, Spawn Of Flame and a blog where you can see more of her work.


4 Responses to “A Softer Side – Exploring New Colors”

  1. Ecstatic Pink « Spawn of Flame Says:

    […] have a look at my post on this new color combination at Watch Me Create. It is very different than what I am used […]

  2. jean Says:

    OH, I love it!

  3. rose h. Says:

    Thank you Jean!

  4. Watch Me Create » Going off Mandrel Says:

    […] shape. I then wrapped a twisted cane around it in a spiral, and finally I encased it. Recognize the colors? It only ended up on the floor once – I do need work on my puntying skills. But, oh happy day! […]

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